Sandy Curth 2.5.20 Branner

Sandy Curth (M.Arch. ‘20) — The Softening Edge

Sandy Curth’s project will evaluate tectonic responses to climate change at geographically extreme locations around the world. Curth wrote in his proposal: “Accelerating climate change attenuates our relationship to ground, weakening our ability to build lasting structure. How do we anchor shelter to ground that is now slipping away?” He will visit urban sites that are experiencing and adapting to a landscape that is increasingly unstable. Beginning with a study of Arctic cities built on permafrost, Curth will consider the range of negotiations between softening landscape and community at both the urban and architectural scale. Using photogrammetry to document critical interfaces with the softening landscape and typological drawings that suggest future modes of adaptation, he will attempt to preserve tectonic moments in a landscape of adaptation and reprocessing. Curth will visit Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Greenland, Scandinavia, Svalbard, Russia, China, Japan, Mexico, Peru, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Ethiopia.