Chat Chuenrudeemol 4.11.18: Architecture Lecture

The lecture will explore how CHAT architects will show the relationship between our research of Bangkok Bastards, the city’s existing street vernacular… and our built and theoretical designs, which we also refer to as Bangkok Bastards.

The research components will include construction worker housing, illegal markets and settlements, and Bangkok’s locally famous, but internationally unknown, “curtain sex motels”. Projects that will tie into the research will be: the Ekamai Residence, SslaAreeya residence and yoga community, Nanda Heritage Hotel, TONY – a hostel converted from a curtain sex motel, and Loom House – a hybrid of the textile loom and the traditional Thai house on stilts.

Chatpong, or “Chat”, Chuenrudeemol completed his Masters of Architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design in 2000 and received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from U.C. Berkeley in 1994. Between his two degrees, he worked at Fernau and Hartman Architects in Berkeley for 2 years. His work experience also includes a position at Boston’s Office dA after graduating from Harvard. In early 2001, Chat moved back to Bangkok in order to practice architecture in his birthplace.

In 2004, Chat formed b/A/R, or bangkok Architectural Research, with partner Varoot Samalapa. The office combined design and research in solving problems of various scales - from interiors, to architecture, to urbanism. In 2012, Chat moved on to form his own studio called Chat Architects, which continues to explore the processes of research-based design at every level. While practicing, he has also taught design studios at various Bangkok universities, including Chulalongkorn University, Rangsit University, and KMUTT.

We love Bangkok….

It is beautiful and ugly.
It is kind and it is mean.
It is authentic and it is fake.
It is neither historic nor modern.
It is Buddhist, and it is full of sin.
It struggles to maintain its own identity while trying to please others.
…Our work aims to be a part of this city full of contradictions.

We study and record Bangkok Bastards… the street vernacular that is the embodiment of the city’s contradictions. These homegrown concoctions are hybrid, cheap, scavenged, improvisational, and full of life.

…Our work aims to be a part of these “Bastards”.