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Jason Young - 9.23.13 Architecture Lecture

Jason Young is Associate Professor of Architecture and 2012–2013 Helmet K. Stern Professor in the Institute for the Humanities at the University of Michigan. His academic research explores contemporary conditions of American urbanism in a post-city, digitally organized culture. Young is currently working on a book-length project tentatively tilted, Skirmishes with the Macrophenomenal: Letting Go of the City. The book explores franchise space, digital culture, and the emergence of a “database subject,” a new type of urban subject whose agency is constructed by big data. From 2008-12, Young coordinated the Master of Science Design Research (MS_DR) program at the University of Michigan. MS_DR explored the affiliations between institutions, urban territory, and contemporary digital culture. Young's academic research explores contemporary conditions of American urbanism. He was a contributing co-editor for Stalking Detroit (Barcelona: ACTAR 2001), an anthology of essays, projects, and photographs offering a provocative description of the city of Detroit during the 1990s. Ongoing work includes two collaborative book projects: FieldTrips, which examines bigbox establishments and franchise space, attempting a cultural assessment of their potency and an edited volume entitled, city building, that explores a number of contemporary urban themes through intensive analyses of single buildings and landscapes. A licensed Builder, Young was co-founder and partner of WETSU, a design+build practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 2000 to 2006. WETSU was recognized by Wallpaper* magazine as one of twenty-five notable emerging practices worldwide in 2003 and was awarded a 2006 Michigan AIA Award. In 2007, Young initiated YARD, an independent construction studio and design practice based in Ann Arbor. YARD trades size for involvement, and thinks twice about it. Young holds a M. Arch. from Rice University and a B.S. in Arch. from the Georgia Institute of Technology