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Jessica Chen Presentation - 2015 Branner Fellowship Arch Lecture

Jessica Chen, Wood Joinery
Jessica Chen graduated from UC Berkeley in Civil Engineering and a minor in Architecture. She is currently a dual masters student in Architecture and Structural Engineering.
International culture and architecture were once influenced by the use of wood in the city--by the warmth and softness of the natural material and the human scale of its construction. Since ancient times, wood has reinforced the symbiotic relationship between human beings and the surrounding environment. However, with the advent of concrete and steel, the abundance of wooden buildings became overtaken. Attracted by their industrial and progressive capabilities, the city quickly adopted steel and concrete as the material of high-rise urban development. The beauty of nature and identity of culture that wood brought to the city was soon lost. Uniting the traditions and skills of the past to the technological efficiencies of the present, specifically that of wood construction and wood joinery, is what I believe will restore authenticity and identity to the city.