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  1. Ode To Avalanche

    We fall in love with Mother Nature's delicate charms, only to be enraptured by here dark side. She is a goddess, nothing but pure power and we are spellbound. In the high mountains of the Rockies, this love affair can be fatal. Few people have ever witnessed the terrifying beauty of a powder avalanche and lived to tell the tale. Filmed against the backdrop of Telluride, Colorado, accompanied by Beethoven's most sublime music, Ode to Avalanche is a exhilarating tribute to the ultimate dance with the Beloved.
    6 1/2 minutes National awards, Numerous international screenings.

  2. Telluride Avalanche

    Every winter as conditions become unsafe, bombs are used on Ajax Peak to set off a massive avalanche to protect life and property in Telluride, Colorado.

  3. Telluride Avalanche Dogs PSA

    Telluride Avalanche Dogs play a unique and vital role in mountain rescue and safety education efforts in the Telluride community.

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