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Real to Reel Editing - Science

Heidi Ann Perkins is an award winning freelance editor with 26 years experience. She has worked on series for National Geographic Television, PBS, Discovery & The Learning Channels, and Maine Public Broadcasting.

Here are 2 science series produced by Maine Public Broadcasting.
The series Quest Investigating Our World went national, and won a Cini Golden Eagle for "Summer: Getting the Bugs Out" These shows were also nominated for several Boston/New England Emmys.
The series Sustainable Maine had all but 2 episodes nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy.

Any editor worth their salt can create a sizzle reel, and I'm worth the salt. But, I want the body of my work to speak for itself. Below are many of my Science shows in their entirety. You decide what to watch, and how much. Enjoy!

  1. Quest Investigating Our World - Summer: Getting the Bugs Out

    TRT56:46 2005 winner of a Cine Golden Eagle & Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2005.
    It’s no secret that northern New England is home to many insects. So why are there 9,000 species of bugs here? What role do they play for us as pollinators and for one another as food? Also, what better time than summer to take inventory of all the biodiversity in our region? We join the region’s first BioBlitz as biologists–– in a race against time––count all the flora and fauna they can in 24 hours.

  2. Quest Investigating Our World - Bioinvasion

    TRT 56:46 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2004. This series went national distributed by APT.
    Is our environment evolving or under attack? Our modern day ecology is under onslaught from spreading alien organisms. Human activity is silently globalizing our world on an unforeseen level. Our land, forest and waters are all at risk. Why? Because these plants and animals are capable of moving aggressively into a habitat and monopolizing resources to the detriment of other species, can scientists help us win the war against this bio-invasion?

  3. QuestInvestigating Our World - Archaeology

    TRT 56:46 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2005. This series went national distributed by APT.
    Sifting through a 6,000-year-old prehistoric settlement. Discovering the remains of 1812 soldiers under a city seafood shop. We'll follow several teams of professional and amateur archaeologists as they unearth pieces of northern New England's past. We'll see the latest techniques and technologies they're using to detect, excavate and preserve these interesting finds.

  4. Quest Investigating Our World - Climate Change: In Our Backyard

    TRT 56:46 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2004.
    Sea levels rising, the end of the sugar maple, tropical diseases heading this way, we've heard a lot about "climate change" and "global warming," but how do we sort through the many terms and myths to see what this planetary issue means here in northern New England? QUEST takes us from fishing on the coast of Maine to farming off-the-grid in New Hampshire to living in-town in Burlington, Vermont. Using close-to-home examples, the views of leading scientists come alive as they show how climate change can affect almost every aspect of our lives - and in turn, how we affect the climate.

  5. Quest Investigating Our World - Second Chance Wilderness

    TRT 56:46 Nominated for the Boston/New England Emmy 2002
    Is there such a thing as true wilderness anymore in northern New England? And would we know it if we saw it? Not everyone defines wilderness the same way. And a relatively new science, conservation biology, is giving us even more options. Experience the region’s most wild and stunning places as QUEST seeks out wilderness, old growth forests, and ecological reserves in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. This is the first widescreen program ever produced by Maine Public Broadcasting Network!

  6. Quest Investigating Our World - Bodies In Motion

    TRT 56:46 Nominated for the Boston/New England Emmy 2004 This series went national distributed by APT.
    Using athletics, QUEST takes a fresh look at the way our bodies move. Bridging the gap between research and the playing field, coaches, trainers and athletes themselves discover how to optimize performance and what to do when injury causes that performance to fail. Whether it’s defying gravity on a diving board or repairing a broken wrist, these coaches and trainers help us discover the science behind the sports we love.

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