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Real to Reel Editing - Outdoor Adventures

Heidi Ann Perkins is an award winning freelance editor with 26 years experience. She has worked on series for National Geographic Television, PBS, Discovery & The Learning Channels, and Maine Public Broadcasting.

These shows are from National Geographic in 2001, and the series Anyplace Wild (APW) that aired on PBS in 1998, 1999, 2000. These are outdoor adventures. (The APW series for the most part has both series editors listed, the one on top is the one who edited the episode)

Any editor worth their salt can create a sizzle reel, and I'm worth the salt. But, I want the body of my work to speak for itself. Below are many of my Outdoor Adventures in their entirety. You decide what to watch, and how much. Enjoy!

  1. National Geographic's Ultimate Explorer - Mississippi River Ride

    Get ready to take a trip down America's most famous river on a homemade raft unlike anything you have ever seen before. The "Floating Neutrinos", have already concurred an ocean so the Mississippi is bound to be a breeze right?
    Don't be to sure because up against a battalion of barges this promises to be one wild ride

  2. National Geographic's Ultimate Explorer - Everest Extreme - 2001

    Mt Everest it towers over everything else on earth making it the ultimate challenge for mountain climbers. It can't be conquered, but with extraordinary effort it can be climbed. But why, why climb this mountain when so much is out of your control from storms and avalanches to pulmonary and cerebral edema? Why are so many willing to risk their lives for no greater reason then the thrill of having done it? To find an answer Boyd Matson is headed to Everest. He knows he can't make the summit. Those who get to the top at over 29,000 feet are the world's best climbers, but I want to see who an ordinary person like me can go. Can I make it to base camp at 17,500 feet, and am I willing to go higher to risk climbing through the beautiful but deadly Khumbu Icefall?
    (Please forgive the quality of this copy)

  3. Anyplace Wild Prisoners Paddle Sea Kayaking Tasmanias Freycinet Peninsula

    Originally aired on PBS 10/19/2000 Produced by Post Office Editorial in association with Back Packer Magazine
    Host John Viehman kayaks along the Freycinet Peninsula of the Australian island Tasmania, and ventures into open sea to visit a former penal colony on nearby Maria Island, joined by Australian adventurer Simon Stubbs.

  4. Anyplace Wild Walking the Waves

    Originally aired on PBS 12/02/1999 Produced by Post Office Editorial in association with Back Packer Magazine
    In “Hiking Washington's Coast: Walking the Waves,” co-host Arlene Burns goes beachcombing in Olympic National Park with two naturalists. The program also visits the geographically diverse park's rain forests and glaciers.

  5. Anyplace Wild - Buffalo Badlands Hiking in Teddy Roosevelt National Park North Dakota

    Originally aired on PBS 11/23/2000 Produced by Post Office Editorial in association with Back Packer Magazine
    Co-host Arlene Burns hikes in the North Dakota Badlands with naturalist-author Robert Steelquist. They're searching for North American bisons.

  6. Anyplace Wild Worlds Wildest Highway Mtn Biking The Dempster Highway Canada

    Originally aired on PBS 11/16/2000 Produced by Post Office Editorial in association with Back Packer Magazine
    Mountain biking above the Arctic circle along the Dempster Highway (it's a gravel road) in Canda's Yukon and Northwest Territories, with host John Viehman and cyclist Jonathan Dorn.

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