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Real to Reel Editing - Docudramas

Heidi Ann Perkins is an award winning freelance editor with 26 years experience. She has worked on series for National Geographic Television, PBS, Discovery & The Learning Channels, and Maine Public Broadcasting.

These shows represent 2 series for New Dominion Pictures, The Quest airing on Discovery, and New Detectives airing on The Learning Channel.

Any editor worth their salt can create a sizzle reel, and I'm worth the salt. But, I want the body of my work to speak for itself. You decide what to watch, and how much. Enjoy!

  1. The Quest Violent Sleep

    It visits each of us every night, but sleep remains a baffling mystery. Sometimes causing us to perform monstrous acts. Even in sleep our bodies and minds are never completely at rest. What strange side of us awakens when our head hits the pillow? The Quest explores why a night of slumber turns into violent sleep.

  2. The Quest Faces of Fear

    It can be your best friend or worst enemy. It can give you superhuman strength or stalk you every night of your life. It can scare you to death, but living without it could kill you. The Quest takes a chilling look at the face of fear.

  3. New Detectives-Without A Trace

    Season 2 Episode 09 – Without a Trace TRT53:37 (Discovery Channel & New Dominion Pictures)
    Missing Person: Approximately 1.8 million Americans are reported missing each year. Worldwide, the number of missing persons nearly triples. In addition to pictures on milk cartons, store windows, and in mass mailings, authorities use nationwide computer databases to help locate missing persons or match them with unidentified bodies. Even so, many of the missing are never seen again.

  4. New Detectives-Witness To Terror

    Season 2 Episode 14 – Witness to Terror TRT53:37 (Discovery Channel & New Dominion Pictures)
    Black Boxes: Little evidence is left after an airplane takes a deadly plunge from the sky. Investigators’ best hope for an answer comes from the flight data recorder known as a “black box.” Virtually indestructible, the black box could be the only witness to the final horrifying moments of a doomed flight.

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