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Real to Reel Editing - History

Heidi Ann Perkins is an award winning freelance editor with 26 years experience. She has worked on series for National Geographic Television, PBS, Discovery & The Learning Channels, and Maine Public Broadcasting.

These shows are about Maine history, and were produced by Maine Public Broadcasting.

Any editor worth their salt can create a sizzle reel, and I'm worth the salt. But, I want the body of my work to speak for itself. Below are many of my History shows in their entirety. You decide what to watch, and how much. Enjoy!

  1. Maine Experience - Liberty Ships

    TRT15:44 Won the Boston/New England Emmy for Historical/Cultural Program Program/Special, 2008
    The men and women who streamed into Portland Maine in the 1940s to work in South Portland’s shipyards helped win World War II. The Liberty Ships built there became the backbone of troop and equipment transport. These contributions from the homeland, in many cases, were just as valuable as those who fought the battles overseas.

  2. Maine Experience - Doctors of Osteopathy

    TRT11:32 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2006
    Osteopathic practitioners are commonly accepted today in Maine, but that wasn’t always the case. Their medical philosophy, which included a holistic approach and use of their hands to diagnose and treat patients, led them to be ridiculed and discriminated against by the prevailing medical community. Witness their struggle out of obscurity and into the medical mainstream.

  3. Maine Experience - Maine's Underground Railroad

    TRT14:24 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2007
    Slavery is not usually associated with Maine. But the state played a role in both perpetuating this terrible institution and fighting it. This complicated tale describes the conflict between commerce and morality as it played out in mid-19th century Maine.

  4. Maine Experience - Eastport's Last Sardine

    TRT12:38 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2007
    The social documentary photographer Lewis Hine visited Eastport Maine in 1911 to record the working conditions of the children employed in the sardine factories. What he found were amazing stories of perseverance under difficult circumstances.

  5. Maine Experience - A Day to Remember

    TRT 6:30 Won the Boston/New England Emmy for Historical/Cultural Program Program/Special, 2008

    This profile of Charles Norman Shay, a member of the Penobscot Nation, details his story of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, France. Shay was a medic in the Army’s 1st Infantry Division, called “the Big Red One” for the patch these soldiers wore on their uniforms. His battalion was sent to land on the beach codenamed “Omaha” by the Supreme Allied Command led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many of Shay’s fellow soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice that day, June 6, 1944.

  6. Fiddling to Fame Maine Experience 2006

    TRT10:10 Nominated for a Boston/New England Emmy 2006
    Born in the 1800's, fiddler Mellie Dunham of Norway, ME enjoyed such national fame that he's considered the state's first "rock star." A farmer and snowshoe-maker by trade, fame struck when he was invited by Henry Ford to play at Ford's Dearborn, Michigan theatre, which in turn led to a life of constant touring and fawning stories in the nation's gossip tabloids.

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