Samples of my work as Producer, Director, Editor and sometimes all.

  1. E/One All Terrain System

    See how E/One has perfected smart technology beneath our homes. With over 30 years of innovations, their All-Terrain System has conquered the hard rock of Alcatraz, the flat soil of Florida, and the hilly coastlines of Australia. Municipalities can now monitor and control individual pumps within a neighborhood with ease to help prevent environmental overflow and infiltration.

  2. Maui Jim Sunglasses

    This was a great project. The challenge here was to create 3 compelling motion pieces that brought the print campaign to life.

  3. Puma Cobra Golf "Orange Crush"

    I don't know what was more fun; Working with Ricky or blowing up oranges! My roll was as Lead Producer and Editor.

  4. Bestpass "Cross Country"

    We were hired to document "Americana" as seen through the eyes of an American trucker. It was shot over a period of 2 weeks, traveling from New York to Seattle to California.

    Man do you really need to like the guys you're work with to hang in a car that long!

  5. Lux Ahoy! Intro Video-HD

    The client was Dolby Labs. My roll on this project was as lead sound designer.

  6. Adobe (Behind the Scenes)

    Thought it might be fun to see behind the curtain.