Here are some samples created with local artists which represent the kind of finished projects offered in these packages.

Page 1 features the kind of projects offered in Package A, where both artists are surrounded by their own work and describe their inspiration, process, or tell stories about the work. This package includes the footage as it's shot, with no added imagery.

Page 2 features the kinds of videos you could create in Package B. All are scripted (including scriptwriting assistance before the filming session), and some artists chose to appear briefly on camera at the beginning or the end. These include a voiceover and artist-provided photos or videos, as well as the footage taken by Starstream Productions, LLC during their filming session (technique demonstrations such as in Brenda Leedy's, Lydia Potoff's, and Jennifer Ivanovich's projects). Kayo Peeler's was filmed on-site at her art studio. The filming sessions include filming the on-camera spots, the voiceover, and any additional "b roll" of demos or imagery. These are more involved productions.

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