Ready to take your business to the next level? Consider professional, studio-quality videos to highlight your products and services and build meaningful connections with your audience faster.
Let’s face it, nothing screams amateur like shaky video and poor-quality video!
When you invest in studio video production, the benefits include a controlled lighting situation and great ambient audio for maximum results. We can film clients on virtually any color of choice, but the most popular choices include white, black, and green (for green-screen effects). Skilled filming and creative editing and professional openers and closers combine for great-looking professional videos!’s more affordable than you think!
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Are you an authority in your niche looking to increase your audience and elevate your brand while offering helpful tips and tricks? Here are some examples of other authorities who have increased their business by investing in quality video that showcase their expertise and build credibility with audiences.
The CANDO, MyFedTrainer, and Underlying Communications videos feature the clients on white backgrounds sized down into the frame and surrounded by design elements that reinforce the company's branding throughout. The client might stay on camera for openers and closers only, or throughout the video, serving as the instructor. If you're stuck on how to deliver your content, we're expert scriptwriters and can help you put your best foot forward. Additionally, the studio teleprompter will help you to concentrate less on content and more on a relaxed and natural delivery.

Looking for a way to showcase your products and yourself? Our product videos engage audiences on multiple levels, like only video can do.
The first two videos are videos that share knowledge and invite further engagement from the clients of a health and wellness expert. The Bloc Loc Rulers quilting how-to videos were filmed at multiple angles, both from the side (for sewing shots), and overhead looking straight down (for demonstration shots). The spinning cajon drum in the Bouillez Acoustics logo animation was shot on a rotating turntable on black in the studio, with text animation and light rays added in editing. The Jorvet video is an example of a product-demonstration video, with narration, captions and text added for clarification.

Video allows you to showcase your creative side to viewers and the sky’s the limit thanks to using studio-quality green-screen techniques.
This video is an example of filming on green screen, where the subject is removed from the background and placed on another backdrop entirely. This setup lends itself to endlessly-creative options!

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to only video with our studio. We also offer audio recording and editing as well. Imagine how great you’ll sound by recording your next Podcast with our professional equipment!

In short, Starstream Productions, LLC offers a full-service studio that will meet your every filming need. If you want to share your knowledge or showcase your product, our studio is a perfect place to do it. Let's bring your ideas to life!

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