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WAR REVIVAL is a para-church organization birthed in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee in 2009 with a focus on bringing unity to the brethren and declaring war on the devil.

  1. RT Short

    RIO TOWNSEND Launching 1.5.2020

  2. RT Keep On

    RIO TOWNSEND Launching 1.5.2020 with Bishop Ronnie Hepperly, Director of Worship and Creative Arts Billy Arnett, and Worship Leader Dana Arnett.

  3. Silent Night KC Promo

    "My Old Kentucky Christmas" with Billy and Dana Arnett.


    RIO TOWNSEND with Bishop RONNIE HEPPERLY... Here's 2 minutes of what you've been missing if you haven't joined us.

  5. Billy Arnett - What A Friend

    Billy Arnett on the Hammond B-3, "we are not challenged in convenience, we're challenged in the chaos."

  6. Mothers Day

    RIO Townsend in Townsend, TN with Pastor Ronnie Hepperly, celebrating Mother's Day 2020.