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WAR REVIVAL is a para-church organization birthed in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky and Tennessee in 2009 with a focus on bringing unity to the brethren and declaring war on the devil.

  1. LOC Promo

    Life of Christ Drama, an outreach of Sherman Full Gospel with Pastors Ray and Mary Gaines in Dry Ridge, KY produced by Billy and Dana Arnett for Marvellous Works.

  2. MarvellousWorks 30

    MarvellousWorks, produced by Billy & Dana Arnett airs Thursday at 9pm on CTN WVLR DT 48 in East Tennessee.

  3. Never Look Back

    Never Look Back by F-22 Rapture featuring lead vocals by Dana Arnett, written and produced by Billy Arnett for MarvellousWorks®.

    ® MMXIX Marvellous Works

  4. MW 30 Revised

    MarvellousWorks produced by Billy and Dana Arnett, airs on Thursday May 16th at 7:30pm on CTN WVLR 48.

  5. MW-Elibaki

    Elibaki was first uttered by Billy Arnett, through the unction of the Holy Ghost, over 20 years ago, to three sisters who now have the meaning of this powerful praise revealed to them. Their reaction.. priceless!

    You can see Episode MW-1003 in it's entirety

    Thursday, May 30th @ 7:30pm


  6. M2M Big E & Billy

    Tri-County Man2Man meeting June 4th 7pm at the Holiday Inn express in Clinton, TN.