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Liberty Worship & Outreach

Liberty Worship and Outreach Center is located in Manchester, KY with pastors Rusty and Debbie Roberts.

  1. Kevin Rice

    Kevin Rice is one of the most gifted songwriters I know of. Kevin is a story teller, and along with that, he is a brilliant musician and composer. Sit back and kick your shoes off, you're in for a real treat as Kevin and Donnie Stevens throw down on a Liberty Worship Sunday morning.

  2. Liberty Worship

    Liberty Worship & Outreach Center is located in Manchester, KY with Pastors Rusty and Debbie Roberts. This video features an interview with Billy Arnett and Bishop Richard Isindu from Kenya, Africa. Brother Richard oversees five orphanages in Africa with over 500 children, supplying them with learning opportunities and one meal a day, 5 days a week. Most of these children have no one to depend on and so from Friday to Monday they search for food or go hungry.


    WAR REVIVAL MMXIV is a compilation of footage from it's early days and birthing at Liberty Worship Center in Manchester, KY in 2009, to the present. The kingdom of God is within us and the fresh breath of God flows through the mountains of Appalachia, as Men and Women of God declare WAR on the devil. Never give up!