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Christian Perring - September 2012

From September 2012, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Dowling College, Christian Perring discusses his involvement in the Philosophy of Psychiatry movement and his path into the field. Key ideas involve such topics as irrationality, delusion, identity and moral responsibility, citing specific examples of their clinical significance. He speaks about his experience as editor of Metapsychology Online Reviews, and the potential for broader discussion of Philosophy of Psychiatry afforded by new technologies like the Internet.

00:00 Opening Titles
00:20 Introductions & Background
04:02 A Scattered Movement
07:13 "a profusion of ideas"
08:19 Free Will & Addiction
12:00 Irrationality
16:38 Belief & Psychosis
19:06 Psychoanalytic & Philosophical Inspiration
23:37 Personal Identity & Multiple Personality
25:39 Irrationality Revisited
27:51 Psychopharmacology
29:41 Mental Illness & Young People
32:55 Moral Responsibility
36:46 On Hoarding
38:50 Atonement
42:02 Metapsychology
46:42 Looking Ahead

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