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Osborne P. Wiggins - November 2011

From November 2011, University of Louisville Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Dr. Osborne P Wiggins discusses his ideas surrounding such topics as phenomenology, science and consciousness. He elaborates in depth about the origins of his work, its clinical application and novel projects involving these trains of thought from recent years. The interview is highlighted by insights from his long history of collaboration with Michael A. Schwartz, and how their co-authorship exemplifies the union of Philosophical and Psychiatric communities.

00:00 Opening Titles
00:22 Phenomenology & Consciousness
03:00 Science, Humanism & the Nature of Medical Practice
05:37 European Tradition
06:57 Influences
11:04 Husserl
12:54 Alfred Krause & His Ideas
17:40 Coauthorship and Collaboration
20:46 Dialectic Process
25:26 Founding AAPP
28:19 "a state of wonder"
31:14 Protending
36:02 Hierarchy of Science
43:56 Theoretical Unity
45:36 Intersubjectivity and its Origins
49:41 Clinical Hermaneutics
53:15 Perspectives
59:44 Description or Prescription

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