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Grant Gillett - July 2013

From July 2013, Professor of Medical Ethics at the University of Otago, Dr. Grant Gillett shares anecdotes about how he came to the Philosophy of Philosophy community from his roots in neurosurgery. In this colorful interview, Dr. Gillett speaks about the importance of his personal mentors and the influence of Karl Jaspers, and expounds on ideas concerning Philosophy of Mind, consciousness and Bioethics, and how they have come together in his published works. Additionally he speaks about the history and growing awareness of the Philosophy of Psychiatry movement in New Zealand.

00:00 Opening Titles
00:32 Entree to the Field
03:21 The Brain & The Mind
08:40 New Conceptualization
11:42 "so what is the mind?"
14:41 Mentors & Antecedents
20:00 On Bad Faith
22:04 The Discursive Mind
30:15 Jaspers
36:44 The Mind & its Discontents
40:26 The 2nd Edition
42:13 Bioethics
46:29 New Zealand
51:25 The Black Boar

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