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Werdie Van Staden - July 2010

From July 2010, Chair of the Division of Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health at the University of Pretoria, Dr. Werdie Van Staden reflects on his involvement in the international expansion of the Philosophy of Psychiatry, and provides context for its momentum in contemporary times. He speaks of his regard for philosopher Gottlob Frege, and about his own ideas involving relations, language and world view. The interview is highlighted by Dr. Van Staden's discussion of how indigenous African traditions of thought diversify and enrich our understanding of key philosophical and psychiatric concepts.

00:00 Opening Titles
00:46 Milestones
02:16 Diversity of the Field
04:26 Building the Network
08:05 The Ceremony
11:09 Synergy & Support
13:03 Early Interests
17:10 "what is man?"
20:14 South Africa
24:56 Needs & Drives
28:48 Interest From Philosophy
31:37 People First
36:29 Frege, Relations & Language
42:43 Contributors to the Field
44:44 Hurdles
47:02 Rekindling of Interest
50:02 "what can we contribute?"
53:17 The Next Penicillin
57:33 Psychiatry Leading Medicine
1:02:35 Parting Words


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