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Michael A Schwartz - May 2010

From May 2010, Regional Chair of the Department of Humanities in Medicine and Clinical Professor of Humanities in Medicine & Psychiatry at Texas A&M University HSC Round Rock, Dr. Michael A. Schwartz speaks to his formative experiences in Westchester, NY and about Karl Jaspers' influence on his work. Dr. Schwartz reflects on his early involvement in the field, including the foundation of AAPP and the first symposium in San Francisco, CA. He discusses his collaborative relationship with Dr. Osborne Wiggins, highlighted by anecdotes about their paper Science, Humanism, and the Nature of Medical Practice: a Phenomenological View (1985). Lastly, he reflects on issues in the field concerning funding and collegiality, and offers encouraging words to those interested in learning more about Philosophy of Psychiatry.

00:00 Opening Titles
01:10 Student Experience in the Asylum
04:45 Medical Residency
05:30 General Psychopathology
07:38 New York
10:46 Science, Humanism and the Nature of Medical Practice
14:46 Psychiatry and the AAPP
18:09 Presuppositions & Prejudices
20:10 San Francisco
23:03 Synchronicity
24:50 Historical Perspective
29:00 Psychiatric Classification and the DSM
34:48 Tumult
37:07 Jaspers and Hempel
39:34 Jasperian Criticisms
43:55 Crucial Questions
49:27 "a field in our infancy"
52:09 Socratic Rewards
53:10 Praises and Problems
55:30 On Funding
57:34 "a lack of kindness"
59:31 Landmarks, Social Value & Fun


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