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James Phillips - May 2010

From May 2010, Dr. James Phillips, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University, reflects on his beginnings in the field and its growth into a national (and ultimately international) network of thought. He relates his thoughts on the key milestones thus far, and major challenges that have presented along the way. Dr. Phillips explores the interface between philosophical and psychiatric circles, what they offer each other and the potential for richer discussion moving forward. Lastly, he shares insights from his experience providing psychiatric care in Ayacucho, Peru.

00:00 Opening Titles
01:18 The Yale Group
05:38 Early Difficulties
12:42 The AAPP Transition
15:20 Hopes & Expectations
18:50 "cross fertilization"
20:44 The Psychiatry of Philosophy
23:25 Milestones and Nosology
27:13 Personal Milestones
29:20 "reductionism won't work"
30:25 Neglect
35:05 History Lessons
37:47 Contemporary History
43:30 Other Contributions
46:14 Surprises and Successes
47:30 Peru

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