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Nancy Nyquist Potter - November 2011

From November 2011, University of Louisville Professor of Philosophy Nancy Potter discusses her early work as a graduate student at University of Minnesota and her introduction to the Philosophy of Psychiatry community in Miami. Nancy recounts case studies from her experience as a crisis counselor, in working in the State prison system, and from working with patients with Borderline Personality Disorder. Key topics include trauma, trustworthiness and defiance.

00:00 Opening Titles
00:35 Early Introductions
06:30 Making Connections
08:15 Crisis Counseling
11:30 "a problem with no name"
13:50 Power and Trust
16:15 A Case Study
21:50 Undoing Damage
25:45 State Prison Work
28:01 On Group Process
32:45 The Second Book
35:11 Indigenous Perspectives
38:25 Peace Studies
40:57 On Difficult Patients
46:43 "a troubled boy"
50:20 Anger Values
54:45 Uptake
58:15 Defiance Revisited

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