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KWM "Bill" Fulford - July 2010

From July 2010, Special Adviser for Values-Based Practice for the Department of Health and Honourary Consultant Psychiatrist for the University of Oxford, KWM "Bill" Fulford reflects on his path leading to the field of Philosophy of Psychiatry, its early milestones and crucial insights. Bill also speaks on his own work with Value Theory and the greater value of the field moving forward.

00:00 Opening Titles
01:05 Early Milestones
06:00 The Royal College Group
10:45 Addressing a Need
16:14 The Association for the Advancement of Philosophy of Psychiatry
18:00 Early Directions
22:15 Philosophers' Involvement
25:00 Skepticism and Promise
30:07 Continental Europeans
34:45 Late 20th Century Philosophy of Psychiatry
36:00 "the double helix"
38:00 Value Theory
39:30 Crucial Insights
47:56 Surprises and Disappointments
51:40 Social Value
56:45 The Future
59:00 "an accidental doctor"


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