Artur Paikin - The House Is Not On Fire

In this talk I’ll tell a story about how I’ve designed & built a home automation robot called Koti (means "home" in Finnish). It’s in charge of controlling my apartment in Moscow, while I explore the world. Koti robot is powered by an Arduino microcontroller with a few sensors, Raspberry Pi, MQTT protocol for messaging, Node.js & web sockets. You can interact with it via React (such virtual dom) control panel, Telegram App chat bot and even your own voice through a browser. I’ll explain how I turned this project into reality — the tech used and the challenges faced. "From a blinking LED to a voice controlled home automation robot".

Artur is a web developer and traveler. He writes stories about his adventures in Russian and English on his site and runs a small technology cooperative called Baguette, where he works on cool projects, currently building an ambitious next generation file uploader called Uppy with Transloadit. He rides a foldable bicycle, teaches web development and sometimes gardens on his balcony.