Juan Caicedo – Better JSON Through Streams

Streams provide the tools for building powerful and efficient web applications that scale to handling large amounts of data effortlessly. However, knowing how to leverage them in your web application can be daunting! This talk will introduce an architechture that uses streaming as its main means of communication. It will explore three frontiers of streaming: how to stream from module to module in the back end, sending a stream response from the server to the client, and receiving/processing a stream response on the client. By the end, developers will learn the basics of UNIX streams, how to use them with Node.js scripts, and how to write web applications that profit from all the benefits of streams.

Juan has always been fascinated by language, having grown up speaking three. He finds refactoring therapeutic, problem solving exhilarating, and being an organizer for his local JS community fulfilling. He is lucky enough to work as a full-stack Javascript developer for Fluencia, making the world's best Spanish-English online dictionary. When not programming, Juan likes playing all types of board games and he never grew out of climbing trees.