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GothamGo 2014

GothamGo is an annual software conference held in NYC featuring the best of Golang!

Launching into Go by Kathy Spradlin

As a university student interested in the latest in distributed systems, I joined the open-source CockroachDB project three months ago, with no prior knowledge of Go.

In this talk, I will discuss how CockroachDB, a scalable, available, transactional database, brings together the features of SQL systems and the scalability of NoSQL systems, and my experiences diving into a Go codebase for the first time.

Kathy Spradlin is a computer science undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin. She fulfills her need to work on cool distributed systems problems by contributing to the CockroachDB open source database. When not distributing data, she becomes either an Aikido practitioner or a video game player.