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GothamGo 2014

GothamGo is an annual software conference held in NYC featuring the best of Golang!

GothamGo Kickoff Meetup: Go Static Analysis Tools by Brian Bulkowski

Benchmarking Go by Brian Bulkowski from the GothamGo 2014 Kickoff Meetup held Nov 13th in New York City, the night before the GothamGo conference and workshop (Nov 14-15).

Benchmarking Go: Review profiling tools for Go and Linux and go into specifics on micro benchmarks for goroutines, channels, buffers, and and other Go features. Results will be presented of specific language features to guide in Go application writing, including some comparisons with other languages.

Brian Bulkowski has 25 years of experience writing high performance real-world software in routers, video insertion devices, embedded systems, and currently with the database company Aerospike.

Thank you StackExchange for hosting this meetup for us, and MediaMath for sponsoring the videos!

Thank you Golang NYC meetup for partnering with us on this meetup and the conference!

And thank you Renee French for creating the Go Gopher mascot!