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GothamGo 2014

GothamGo is an annual software conference held in NYC featuring the best of Golang!

GothamGo Kickoff Meetup: Go Static Analysis Tools by Alan Donovan

Go Static Analysis Tools by Alan Donovan from the GothamGo 2014 Kickoff Meetup held Nov 13th in New York City, the night before the GothamGo conference and workshop (Nov 14-15).

Slides are here:

Go Static Analysis Tools: In this talk, Alan Donovan will give a guided tour of several static analysis tools designed to help Go programmers understand, navigate and refactor their code; describe the design of the building blocks from which these tools are composed; and explain some of the technical challenges that Go presents to tool developers.

Alan Donovan has been at Google NYC since 2005, working mainly on software development tools. Since joining the Go team in 2012, he's found the open-source lifestyle a refreshing change, and has been developing Go's static analysis libraries and tools, including oracle, godoc -analysis, and gorename.

Thank you StackExchange for hosting this meetup for us!

Thank you Golang NYC meetup for partnering with us on this meetup and the conference!

And thank you Renee French for creating the Go Gopher mascot!