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DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk

For our fifth DevIgnition, we will devote the day to data analysis and manipulation, and especially feature the Hadoop/Spark ecosystem, hence the subtitle: Elephant Talk!

Simple Linux Tuning to Improve Hadoop Performance by Alex Moundalexis

Video from DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk! See for details.

Running Hadoop isn't easy. Many clusters suffer from configuration problems that can negatively impact performance. With vast and sometimes confusing configuration options, it can can be scary to make changes to Hadoop when performance isn't as expected. Learn how to improve Hadoop performance and eliminate common problem areas using a handful of simple and safe Linux configuration changes.

Alex Moundalexis is a Solutions Architect for Cloudera Government Solutions who spends his time installing and configuring Hadoop clusters across the United States for a variety of commercial and government customers. Before entering the land of Big Data, Alex spent the better part of ten years wrangling Linux server farms and writing Perl code as a contractor to the Department of Defense and Department of Justice. Alex attended Polytechnic Institute of New York University where he attained an M.S. in Cybersecurity and Rochester Institute of Technology where he attained a B.S. in Information Technology. He likes shiny objects.