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DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk

For our fifth DevIgnition, we will devote the day to data analysis and manipulation, and especially feature the Hadoop/Spark ecosystem, hence the subtitle: Elephant Talk!

Data Science - From NASA Astrophysics to Digital Marketing to "Lost in Space" by Dr. Kirk Borne

Video from DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk! See for details.

Closing Keynote: Data Science: From NASA Astrophysics to Digital Marketing to "Lost in Space": The analytics profession may disappear as quickly as it has appeared. The reason: the art and science of learning from data, deriving insights from data, driving decisions with data, and building revenue streams from data are all becoming the new normal in today's digital workplace. Digital science, digital business, digital government, digital health, digital warfare, digital education, digital life, etc. are the norm, not the exception. Analytics professionals will become blended into the workforce seamlessly, in the same way that every worker now works with I.T., without being labeled an "I.T. professional". I will describe numerous data science pathways that I have followed and experienced in the past 15 years that have been as varied as they have been remarkable (from NASA Astrophysics to Data Science Education to Marketing Analytics, and more), with a view toward where these types of analytical paths might be leading all of us.

Dr. Kirk D. Borne is a Data Scientist and Professor of Astrophysics & Computational Science at George Mason University (since 2003). He received his PhD in Astronomy from Caltech. He conducts research, teaching, and doctoral student advising in the theory and practice of data science. He has also been an active consultant to numerous organizations, institutions, and agencies in data science and big data analytics. He previously spent nearly 20 years supporting large scientific data systems for NASA astrophysics missions, including the Hubble Space Telescope. He was identified in 2013 as the Worldwide #1 Big Data influencer on Twitter at @KirkDBorne.