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DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk

For our fifth DevIgnition, we will devote the day to data analysis and manipulation, and especially feature the Hadoop/Spark ecosystem, hence the subtitle: Elephant Talk!

Mapping the Brain at Scale with Spark by Jeremy Freeman

Video from DevIgnition 2014 - Elephant Talk! See for details.

To understand the brain, we need to record from as much of it as possible. New technologies are enabling large-scale recordings in awake, behaving animals. But these techniques generate massive, and complex data sets. Among big data platforms, Spark is ideally suited to the unique demands of scientific analytics. I will describe Thunder, an open-source library we have developed on top of Spark for analyzing large-scale spatial and temporal neural data. It's fast to run, easy to extend, and designed for interactivity and visualization.

Jeremy Freeman is a neuroscientist at HHMI Janelia Research Center (@HHMIJanelia) using computation to understand the brain. He’s passionate about brains, behavior, analytics, big data, spark, visualization, and open science.