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A Working Portfolio for your perusal. Enjoy.

  1. Rogue Videoworks Demo reel

    Come on, three minutes of your life, and you get to go to the beach, zip-lining, and see a chick with a gun!

  2. Shutterbox Families: Stories

    Two Shutterbox families describe the stories Shellie captures in her family portraiture.

  3. KB Food Network Audition TOT

    Aura Mae proves to a live audience why she's the Kitchen Beautician in this 2 minute, 55 second video, when she competes at the Taste of Tacoma cooking competition. Does she win?

  4. Sunny & 80

    Sony FS100 heads to Honolulu for some run n' gun. Yes, the FS100 with the 18-200mm Sony lens, all hand held. Most shots are right out of the camera without coloring post edit. Exceptions to this: opening timelapse, slowmo splashdown, and orange sunset water. The sun effect in the opening is right out of the camera: ya gotta love the way the full frame Super 35 sensor blows outs, all radiating like that. Music: "Joyful" by Antearama, used by permission.

  5. Falling

    Parent's worry about the mysterious problems of their daughter. Music used by permission.

  6. UARS Satellite: FOUND!

    It's a well known fact the UARS satellite came down around Washington State Saturday September 24, 2011, but NASA can't find it. It's in my back yard! The proof is in this actual crash footage. 35 second video.