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Kitchen Beautician

Hair inspires cuisine; Cuisine inspires hair.

  1. Aura, Rylan, and Spaghetti

    The Kitchen Beautician Aura and Sous Chef Rylan take on home made vegetable spaghetti with carrot and zucchini noodles. 6 1/2 minutes. Music by White Cat Music,

  2. Kitchen Beautician Pumpkin Soup

    Spend 10 minutes with Aura Mae making this Autumn favorite: Pumpkin Soup.

  3. 2016 Taste of Tacoma

    Aura Mae gives us 3 dishes in 45 minutes at this Taste of Tacoma cooking event on a lovely June day at Pt. Defiance Park. Enjoy Rosemary Lamb with a mint chimichurri, a coleslaw with Granny Smith apples and zucchini, and a frozen fruit dessert that looks and tastes like ice cream.

  4. Kitchen Beautician Great American Amature Kitchen Montage

    Aura Mae, the Kitchen Beautician, demonstrates her savvy ways in this 7 minute montage.

  5. Kitchen Beautician Live from Taste of Tacoma

    Aura Mae goes head to head with a renowned and respected chef and prepares an entrée in 30 minutes at the Taste of Tacoma. What's in the basket? Who will win?

  6. Aura Mae, Kitchen Beautician: Paella

    Feeling Spanish? How 'bout some delicious Paella, made in the comfort of your very own kitchen? Aura Mae tackles some of the common Paella pitfalls we've all faced.

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