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Kitchen Beautician

Hair inspires cuisine; cuisine inspires hair.

  1. Kitchen Beautician Great American Amature Kitchen Montage

    Aura Mae, the Kitchen Beautician, demonstrates her savvy ways in this 7 minute montage.

  2. Kitchen Beautician Live from Taste of Tacoma

    Aura Mae goes head to head with a renowned and respected chef and prepares an entrée in 30 minutes at the Taste of Tacoma. What's in the basket? Who will win?

  3. Aura Mae, Kitchen Beautician: Paella

    Feeling Spanish? How 'bout some delicious Paella, made in the comfort of your very own kitchen? Aura Mae tackles some of the common Paella pitfalls we've all faced.

  4. Aura Mae, Kitchen Beautician: Butter Basted Salmon w/ Fruit Salsa

    Aura Mae presents her second show in her series, the Kitchen Beautician. In this episode, Aura Mae creates a speedy and crazy tasty version of a local dish: Butter Basted Salmon with Fruit Salsa. Zero calories for watching!

  5. Aura Mae, Kitchen Beautician: Biscuits

    Enjoy this pilot episode of "Aura Mae's Kitsch 'n" where hot and steamy biscuits are just screaming for a scoop of jam, or a drizzle of honey.

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