The Louis Falco Repertory

A Selection of Dances
Created by Choreographer Louis Falco
Director of the Louis Falco Dance Company

For information about acquisition contact
Anna Falco-Lane, Executor, Louis Falco Repertory

Caviar (1977)

with Louis Falco and a Company of Featured Dancers
New York City Center, New York City
Thursday, May 14, 1970

*Music composed and performed by:
Pot with Napanaw's Pottery Shop Rock Group
(Aldana, Gary King, Doug Arioli, Steve Tindall)
and orchestra conducted by Eugene Lester


Chenault Spence

Jennifer Muller
Carla Maxwell
Georgiana Holmes
Mary Jane Eisenberg
Kelly Hogan
Juan Antonio
Matthew Diamond
Louis Falco

*Caviar later presented with music by Bobby Cole
Performed by Vertical Burn
(Burt Alcantara, Sonny Carr & Bobby Cole)



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