CTI supplies new plant expansion, equipment design, and maintenance fabrications for the coal, phosphate, potash, and gold mining operations in the US and Canada. CTI's-X7® Standard OF Performance benchmarks a 20 to 1 return on Investment for new capital plant and expansion equipment as well as meeting the need for a redesign and supporting improved maintenance fabrications

Our sales engineers work with your operational, reliability managers to target and deliver accurate, ceramic lined fabrications in a responsive manner that results in improved operational performance.

CTI’s engineering utilizes the latest AutoCAD and Plasma Technology to deliver detailed fabrications to specifications on time, site-specific. Many years of coal management experience provide an underlying base of expertise that allows us to evaluate and improve your operations by applying the latest technology including thirty-four years of innovative ceramic redesign. We look forward to supporting your team by improving plant performance.

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CTI-X7® 6" x 30" Dia Ceramic Lined Pipe ID:008

The CTI X7 high impact large diameter piping comes in SS and Carbon Pipe. The ceramic lined pipe is a performance driven alternative to rubber and urethane . We can predictably design for high impact situation; by utilizing the CTI x7 Impact Collar we can dissipate and transfer impact loads to a more laminar flow.
Additionally, we add strategic inspection ports for maintenance inspection; therefore, supporting predictive maintenance. Another important factor is: CTI-X7 is noncombustible so in a event repairs are much less forgiving.