CTI supplies new plant expansion, equipment design, and maintenance fabrications for the coal, phosphate, potash, and gold mining operations in the US and Canada. CTI's-X7® Standard OF Performance benchmarks a 20 to 1 return on Investment for new capital plant and expansion equipment as well as meeting the need for a redesign and supporting improved maintenance fabrications

Our sales engineers work with your operational, reliability managers to target and deliver accurate, ceramic lined fabrications in a responsive manner that results in improved operational performance.

CTI’s engineering utilizes the latest AutoCAD and Plasma Technology to deliver detailed fabrications to specifications on time, site-specific. Many years of coal management experience provide an underlying base of expertise that allows us to evaluate and improve your operations by applying the latest technology including thirty-four years of innovative ceramic redesign. We look forward to supporting your team by improving plant performance.

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ceramictech.com CTI-X7 Ceramic Impact System. 1985 when I 1st Started CTI. Ceramic liners in impact conditions was just unheard of. Impact panels had not been used in successful large particle impact application that I am aware .
We found out early on, that ceramic panels have to be selected in right thickness to absorb the energy created in large particle drops. These means panel must be constructed to stiffen substrate so there no flex. If Substrate flexes the ceramic to metal bond is subject to failure.
Today our panel systems operate in about every process flow from Granite to Coal. We are able to pre bolt 2' to 6" CTI Panels to absorb initial impact than we size to a more cost effective application for sliding abrasion. With this system, you can pre fit and ship as standard loads for new construction or repair of existing bins , hoppers, sumps, and tanks.