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Videos of the Black Range

Videos of interviews, presentations, places, and events within the Black Range. These videos were created for The Black Range website ( Interviews were conducted with residents of the Black Range, New Mexico, USA and with people who had "stories" about the Black Range. This portfolio, which also includes presentations made in or about the Black Range, is hosted by The Black Range website. This portfolio is maintained by Bob Barnes in support of his websites, and All material is original.

Federico Antonio Chavez Luna

Federico Antonio Chavez Luna was born in Hillsboro, New Mexico in 1919. He attended school in Hillsboro and grew to adulthood there. He later was a miner in the area around Hurley, New Mexico.

This video may not be used for anything other than personal use unless special permissions are granted. If you intend to use it to generate revenue, either directly or indirectly contact - he can put you into contact with Mr. Luna or his family for the necessary arrangements. Thank you.

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