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Birding Videos From The Western US and Canada

These videos were taken all over the western US and Canada - from the Mexican border to the Arctic Ocean, from the central plains to the west coast. This portfolio is maintained by Bob Barnes in support of his website, All material is original.

The Dempster

The Dempster Highway runs between Dawson City (Yukon) and Inuvik (Northwest Territory), Canada - 417 miles of gravel through majestic and mosquito infested scenery. It crosses; several streams and rivers (including the Peel and Mackensie), the Continental Divide (between the Pacific [Bering Sea] and Arctic [Beaufort Sea] Oceans, and the Arctic Circle in the process.

This video includes footage of Black and Grizzly Bears, Dall Sheep, Sparrows, Ducks, Eagles, Ptarmigan, Loons, Jaegers...

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