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Sayre Woods Media

All the newest titles form Sayre Woods Media. Major motion pictures and TV show to enjoy at home.

  1. Jersey Justice

    Polly O'Bannon is having a bad day! Her son is missing in Iraq, she's being followed, and now her husband is shot dead on the streets of Philadelphia. She wants revenge and she is going to find vengeance on the back roads in New Jersey.
    "Jersey Justice" is a modern tribute to old school revenge movies, complete with guns, bikers, the mob, the feds, the cops, and the crazy. Emmy Winner Blanche Baker (Sixteen Candles, Raw Deal, Shakedown) is a soccer mom with a shotgun. Bo Svenson (Walking Tall Series, Delta Force, North Dallas Forty) is the Texan who crosses her path. Johnny Williams (Goodfellas) is a barkeep with a baseball bat. Jerry Lyden (Goodfellas) is a cop who needs coffee.... right now! Ride along with us to The Last Exit To Vengeance!

  2. Christmas Heart

    The true story of an American Family. Christmas Heart is inspired by Kathlyn Joy Hunt's real life story of inspiration and faith. A young mother is stricken with a life threatening illness, and it's a race against time to find her a new heart. Her son Gabe needs the help of his family and the spirit of his longtime hero to help his mother through the fight for her life. This is a story of real people, all finding the spirit of Christmas in the daily interaction with other people who believe in the power of prayer.

  3. Jersey Justice

    Behind the scenes in pre-production of Jersey Justice with real bikers from the movie.

  4. Louie DTV: Wine'm N Dine'm with Chef Louie

    Meet Luigi Desiato; Chef Louie to all his friends! He is a master chef, wine maker, and now the host and star of "Wine'm N Dine'm". This series is the first in our series about Louie and all his adventures in the world of entertainment. Host Liz Santaniello has a blast with Louie and friends in the kitchen and at the table with wonderful dishes and fine wines. Salute'!

  5. Jersey Justice

    Revenge is sweet

  6. Battle Banshee Redband Trailer 2013

    The epic tale of Good versus Evil! A reuniting of a father and a son, decades apart. Now they must band together to destroy an evil class of demons and witches with the aid of a rag tag group of demon hunters. A supernatural thriller from the mind of award winning film maker John Charles Hunt.
    Stealing Souls is a Crime, To Steal Them Back, It Takes A Thief!



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