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Promotional Video Production - SMART RESPONSE VE

Product promotional video commissioned by Steljes to showcase the features and benefits of one of their flagship Technology in Education products.

Pre-production, logistics and scripting produced and managed by fortyfoursixteen.
All filming completed on location in Halliford Studios, surrey..
Editing and audio mixing completed at fortyfoursixteen studios Weybridge, Surrey.

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SMART Response works effortlessly with SMART Notebook and SMART Board® interactive whiteboards.
It enables teachers to engage students in a fun and interactive way that also gives quick and insightful assessment of learning either during lessons, or for long term achievement and progress.
SMART Response quizzes allow for a variety of question types for students to enjoy which make it easy for teachers to gain immediate insight into students understanding as a group, or as an individual.
The activities possible are perfect for promoting student-centred learning and tasks can be tailored for single, group or class response.