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Other Spaces (also known by the Finnish title Toisissa tiloissa) is a Helsinki based performing arts collective. Founded in 2004, the group consists of around artists from several fields of arts.

The working Principles of the collective are:

I continuous training
II exercise as a mode of performance
III metamorphosis as the leitmotif of exercises.

Other Spaces invents and develops collective physical exercises through which people can enter in contact with modes of experience and being other than human. The aim of the group is to change together. The group performs its exercises regularly in public practical demonstrations and organizes workshops, Secret Retraining Camps. Following the same principles, the group has created also more thematic performances, like Aniara (2006), Odradek Variations (2007) and Golem Variations (2011).

Groups latest participatory performances are Reindeer Safari (2010) and Car Park (2013). Coming up in 2014 - Wolf Safari.

Other Spaces: Reindeer Safari

Reindeer Safari Synopsis

Reindeer Safari is a collective wayfaring performance for 20-60 participants in three phases: I Reindeer Introduction, an instruction of 2 hours about reindeer, II Reindeer Safari the wayfaring of 4 hours in semi-urban landscape, III Reindeer Round Up discussion about experiences.

The performance is intended to take place in a semi-urban landscape where authentic reindeer might also visit. The participants of Reindeer Safari form a herd, which moves according the natural rules that correspond to the group behaviour of reindeer. The herd decides autonomously on its itinerary and the rhythm of its wayfaring. For example, one of the rules is that the participants are not aloud to chat – reindeer are very quiet animals.

The members of the organizing group survey the wayfaring, document it, and take care of the needs of participants. The goal is to restore the urban landscape to a state of nature by observing it from the point of view of a semi-domestic, semi-wild herd animal – a reindeer. The transition from human experience into reindeer experience is acquired step-by-step.

OTHER SPACES is a Helsinki based live arts collective since 2004. The aim of the collective is to create collective physical exercises through which people can visit “other spaces”, i.e. enter in contact with the modes of being and experience other than human. The activities of the collective vary from practical demonstrations and public workshops to thematic, experimental productions.

Video shot and edited in Helsinki, Finland 2011 by Lauri Kontula

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