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Yeshua's Second Coming ~ DON'T LIMIT GOD #5

Series – DON’T LIMIT GOD #5

Have you ever asked yourself the questions, “Why isn’t God answering?”, or “Why don’t I seem to have any faith?”. In this series you will develop ‘Mountain Moving Faith’. In this powerful set of teachings, you will learn that at times, it is not God holding back your blessing, nor is it the enemy, but you. Find out the illogical things people say and think, contrary to what they are believing God for.

Dr. David Gonzalez frequently says, “Christianity is the thinking man’s religion!”. In this encouraging 6-part teaching concerning developing your Faith, discover that your words and your actions can determine how much God is able to do for you!

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(recorded 11-25-2018 to 12-30-2018)

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