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In this collection of teachings, discover the refreshing background of Old Testament Scripture. Find out that the Tanakh, or the Old Testament, was written originally in Hebrew.
See and hear that the ancient Hebrew language, carries amazing revelations inside each letter and each word, and that every Hebrew word has related words with similar meanings, spellings and structures. Choose from dozens of FREE teachings below!

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The Meaning Of The Sabbath ~ THE ROOTS OF OUR FAITH #6


Did you ever want to know how Sunday worship started, and why it's not the same day for the Jews? Many have. Discover why we celebrate on the first day of the week, look at the early church documents, and find out that it was an early discussion in the early church while John the disciple was still alive.

Pastor David Gonzalez say’s frequently from the pulpit, “Christianity is the thinking man’s religion!” In this extraordinary teaching, discover all the hidden reasons for the way the church operates today.
Discover how and why we celebrate on Sunday and not on Saturday. David Gonzalez dispels the myths of Easter, Christmas, and other misconceptions of what makes up Christianity today.
Learn the history of how things came about, in a positive and revealing process, using book after book written by the early church fathers, to establish proper forms of worship and church practices.
Find out why the Synagogue way of worship started for the Jews, and how the early church used that system.
This entertaining 8-part series will thrill the new and serious student of the Bible!

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(recorded 5-21-2017 & 7-16-2017)

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