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In this collection of teachings, discover the refreshing background of Old Testament Scripture. Find out that the Tanakh, or the Old Testament, was written originally in Hebrew.
See and hear that the ancient Hebrew language, carries amazing revelations inside each letter and each word, and that every Hebrew word has related words with similar meanings, spellings and structures. Choose from dozens of FREE teachings below!

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The Real Mystery Babylon ~ THE SEASON OF HIS APPEARING #7


In the first half of the seven-year tribulation, the antichrist will set up his headquarters in Babylon, a real physical location 90 miles south of Bagdad. All prophecy shows that Babylon is not the Catholic church, or Rome, but the historic location of the original Babylon, where the big-bang of languages occurred

At this point in the prophetic time frame, the church was raptured 3.5 years earlier, and the anti-messiah is in control.

David Gonzalez is an expert on Biblical Prophecy and End-time events. Teaching without fear, you’ll learn the future of the world and the conditions that starts the next phase of God’s eternal plan!

Pastor David Gonzalez frequently says, “Christianity is the thinking man’s religion!”. In this extraordinary 12-part prophetic teaching on the Last Days, discover God’s plan for wrapping up the End-of-the-Age, in a detailed sequence with exciting precision and clarity. This is a teaching that will grip your thinking and give you security about your future!

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(recorded 7-31-2016 to 10-23-2016)

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