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KADOSH – HOLY & SANCTIFIED Part 5 - God's Day Is Holy



Remember when how no one worked on Sunday except the police, firemen, and hospitals? Or course you don’t, you’re not old enough to remember the good old days of a Sabbaths rest for Christians! 50 years ago, we all rejected working on Sunday, considered it a bad thing, and enjoyed one day in seven as a different day, a day when no real work was being accomplished.

In this message, discover the Hebrew revelation of the Seventh day being called Holy or Kadosh. In this one-hour teaching, David Gonzalez reveals the hidden secrets of the 7 Day Creation account, the Hebrew words behind it, and the plan God still has for resting one day in seven. Once you hear the freedom of this message, your life will never be the same!

Dr. David Gonzalez frequently says, “Christianity is the thinking man’s religion!”. In this revealing 5 part series, look at how Kadosh is connected to many different words in our Bibles, become more intimate with who the Father is, and how we should approach God with a new found reverence and enthusiasm.

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