Mark Doyle/Portfolio

Mark has provided material for SRF Swiss TV, BBC Channel 4, France 24, ABC Four Corners, Channel 10's The Project, Al Jazeera, The Saturday Paper, ABC 7.30, GetUp, feature doco The Corporation (2020) and has developed, shot and edited campaign pieces for the Wangan & Jagalingou people of QLD, Farmers for Climate Action, International, Pacific and Australia, Lock the Gate, Stop Adani Coalition, WWF Australia, Wilderness Society Tasmania, BimbleBox/Palmer court challenge, Climate Council, and the West Papuan Leadership in exile ULMWP.

A major focus of his work is the unfolding human rights impacts of Climate Change; impacts on culture, rights, nature, health, governance, food, water and national security.

Mark Doyle +61 414197770

Climate Witness

January 2020. Australia is on fire. This is an edited extract of 7 stories told over 10 days.