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Sustainable Design Masterclass

This is our collection of webinars for the Sustainable Design Masterclass,
Each episode is original, exclusive, and with some of the best regenerative
designers in the world.

The Sustainable Design Masterclass

Eliminating poverty in the Peal of Africa through regenerative agriculture.

Uganda is a one of the most biodiverse regions in Africa. Nestled in an abundant tropical climate between lakes and deserts, it has a variation of productive growing climates.

However, with a population of 37 million+ people, it faces mounting challenges with poverty and habitat loss.

Aaron Elton seemed like an unlikely person to take on the challenge of poverty in Uganda. Coming from a media and journalism background, he lived in the country for several years but felt powerless to affect any change in the area he lived.

However, one day, after reading a Permaculture book, Aaron started a journey to learn as much as he possibly could about Regenerative Agriculture. He took PDC's, sought out experts, experimented on small areas of land.

Eventually, he was able to secure a 7 acre site, and start an Agroforestry school to study tropical forest products, one of which being Moringa. In a few years, Aaron and his team was able to see signifigant progress with Moringa and other tropical tree products, and he plans to expand his regenerative farming enterprise farm and wide. Join us, and learn what it takes to start a regenerative community enterprise in the heart of Africa.