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Sustainable Design Masterclass

This is our collection of webinars for the Sustainable Design Masterclass,
Each episode is original, exclusive, and with some of the best regenerative
designers in the world.

The Sustainable Design Masterclass

Matt Powers is a writer, teacher, gardener and musician. For more than a decade, Matt has been teaching kids, and for more than 2 years, he's been teaching Permaculture in schools across the U.S.

His books on Homestead Design and Gardening are sold worldwide, and he currently farms with his family in the Sierra Foothills in California. Needless to say, he's a busy guy.

Learn about techniques Matt has used to create a thriving, food-rich homestead garden for his whole family, without the stress.

Discover how to save time and energy while you grow the best food possible!

Join us, and learn 10+ techniques for creating a food rich homestead, without the stress and confusion

How to cut down on your learning curve so you can enjoy your garden more.
How to use automatic watering systems so you can worry less and grow more.
How to use the best performing vegetables, fruits, grains, and perrennials that require the least maintenance.
How the soil life cycle really works.
How to use mulch and weeds to your advantage, even in the most extreme climates.
How you can reverse engineer your diet so you can meet nutritional needs while saving money.
How to beat pests and creatures with sacrificial seed casting.
How to protect your garden against extreme heat and cold snaps.
How to cast seeds for growing in a super easy way.
How to maximize space vertically along every edge.
Why you should save seed to grow ecologically adapted plants.