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Sustainable Design Masterclass

This is our collection of webinars for the Sustainable Design Masterclass,
Each episode is original, exclusive, and with some of the best regenerative
designers in the world.

The Sustainable Design Masterclass

Discover the techniques that Elaine Ingham uses to restore soil biology on farms around the world.

Whether you're restoring a 10,000 acre grassland or growing food in your backyard...Elaine Ingham's lessons on soil biology will show you how to restore productivity in your soil, so you can reduce costs, and increase yields long term.

Dr. Ingham is going to show you...

How to read your soil health.
How to understand the Soil Food Web and move your soil towards its biological potential.
Compost techniques more productive and cheaper than commercial fertilizer.
How to balance the Fungi and Bacteria ratios in your soil.
Cutting-edge compost tea technologies.
How to restore soil biology on different scales (3/4 acre to 1000+)
Why restoring your soil leads to increased profits and reduced costs.

Dr. Elaine Ingham is recognized around the world as the leader in soil microbiology and research of the soil foodweb. She is an energetic, easy-to-understand speaker who explains why life in the soil is so important.

With decades of experience as a professor, researcher, and soil benefactor consulting in the field she has helped thousands of homeowners, growers, and influential companies understand healthy soil via healthy organisms.

Dr. Ingham's research focus is currently on small and medium scal sustainable management of vegetable and pasture systems, on carbon sequestration with agricultural crops where observations of as much as 10 more tons of carbon per acre sequestered per annum have occurred in crop soils, to food forest systems to hydroponics and aquaponics.

In 1998, Elaine Ingham led a team of scientists that stopped a world-threatening strain of genetically modified bacteria from being released. Needless to say, her knowledge of soil Biology is vast, and vitally imporant to farmers, scientists, biologists, and conservationists.

Join us in this webinar, and learn how you can restore your soil while reducing your costs.