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Sustainable Design Masterclass

This is our collection of webinars for the Sustainable Design Masterclass,
Each episode is original, exclusive, and with some of the best regenerative
designers in the world.

Terraforming the Desert- Regenerating Ecosystems Series with Neal Spackman

What if it was possible to turn one of the harshest environments on Earth…the Saudi Arabian Desert….into a productive ecosystem

Led by Neal Spackman, this series is a revealing look into what it takes to build a Regenerative Agriculture system in an
extreme desert climate.

For 6 years, Neal has led the Al Baydha project in Saudi Arabia.

Working with a team of Bedoins and Saudis, Neal has been able to step by step
convert an area of harsh desert with almost no rainfall, into productive agricultural land.

In our webinar series, we’ll reveal the science of terraforming, the practical steps to greening the desert,
the economics of large scale regenerative agriculture, along with the most important part.

Building cultural trust and people systems to carry out the project

If you want to learn what it takes to rebuild ecosystems, people systems and economies,
in one of the harshest environments on earth…

Then Join us…on the Terraforming series.

Only available on the Sustainable Design Masterclass.